Colorado Christian Personal Statement

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At this point in my life I feel that I am ready to begin to study for my career. For several years I have wanted to go back to school but wasn’t always one hundred percent sure what I was going to do. Through life experiences and working various jobs I am confident that Colorado Christian University will meet my needs as a student. I am also enthusiastic about attending classes such as Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership which will help me grow in my faith. I currently am teaching kindergarten Sunday School, and the biblical studies or Christian leadership class will help me in teaching the kids about The Bible. Completing a degree at Colorado Christian University will help me grow professionally and personally. By taking classes in the Health…show more content…
I am always up for a challenge, and asking for new things to do. Three months after I started, my boss made me the online scheduling coordinator. This role entails scheduling requests that patients send in. It also helps out with the training of new employees to Charlotte Radiology. With every job I had, I have started at the bottom and worked my way up. The restaurant that I worked at for eleven years, I started prep-work in the kitchen, then I worked my way up to hostess, then waitress, then assistant manager. I worked closely under our general manager for the years that I worked there. She was always someone I looked up to, and she received a lot of respect from the other employees. Her managing and work skills were very prominent throughout the community. To have that amount of respect and being well known for her managing and customer service skills is something I want to be recognized as. My goal in life is to be a leader and for people to look up to me as a role model. I am very excited about going back to school and getting my degree, and I feel like it will help me to grow in my spiritual, profession, and personal
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