Colorado Christian University: A Short Story

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As I reflect on my life, I remember seeing my momma go to college for the first time when I was 7 years old. I was the third of four girls. I could sense the fear she was feeling, but at the same time, I could see the bravery. She was very proud of herself, but scared to death. The fear was saddled with an abundance of other responsibilities. As if having four girls was not already an overwhelming responsibility, she also had the enormous responsibility of being a pastor’s wife. Through prayer, her strength came from the Lord Jesus Christ. She received most of her encouragement from Daddy. He had a passion for her to go to college because he knew it was something she wanted deep within her.
As a young child, I was not fully aware of just how
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I have three responsible grown children of my own and a 3-year-old granddaughter, all of whom I am very proud. I work full time and have the pleasure of spending every evening with my granddaughter. I am involved in the Lord’s work with my church to include, but not limited to, singing in the ensemble and choir, playing the piano for service, and teaching a Sunday school class. As with my momma, my strength comes from my Lord Jesus Christ. My encouragement comes from my Daddy, my children, my sisters, extended family, co-workers, and church family.
My momma passed away a year ago. She was brave when I was 7, and she was even braver when she graduated when I was 17, she was the bravest in her passing when I was 48. She endured a battle with cancer more than once, the last of which took her life. Her bravery was shown in her faith in Jesus.

This lifelong event will make all the difference in the world as I journey through my studies at Colorado
Christian University exercising the bravery and faith in Jesus Christ as the most gracious and precious one who has gone before
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