Colorado Christian Worldview Essay

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Colorado Christian University is, and forever will be that stepping stone in my life. I am grateful for the honest, sincere, sympathetic, understanding, friendly treatment especially from staff. Can I say my advisor is the greatest, not only passionate about his work, professional, gentle and kind, always ready to listen and to lead me in the right direction. Why am I bringing this into my final assignment? I think is relevant to my worldview topic. Until yesterday the meaning of the word worldview had no meaning in my vocabulary. All I knew was a set of norms and references that I called a way of life. After all one is born, raced and shaped in a certain way based on parent’s discretion. As a child, teenager and some of my adulthood, Catholicism was the norm in my life. I came to the United States at the age of 14yrs old. My whole life has been different since. I was introduced not only to a new language, norms, beliefs but a new society as well. As a child you can’t help but resent your new…show more content…
Being created in His image is what enables me to relate and serve others. As I engage in my analysis of my own personal view, I must demonstrate and offer a way to live a life that would be consistent with my notion and reality of a Christian life. If you are anything like me, PHL 205A has allowed me the opportunity to search within my soul and analyze what I now understand is my worldview; this topic has offered a comprehensive and understanding way on how to best distinguish my preconceived assumptions and notions about my worldview. In sharing the same faith we must understand and maintain that God is a purposeful God who created all human kind with the freedom to choose right from wrong. If we pay close attention and ultimately understand that Human life is meaningful, significant, and purposeful; then we are able to see God’s greatness, goodness, and
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