Colorado Leadership Retreat: A Personal Analysis

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Sometimes all it takes is the influence of a single person or event to change your entire outlook on life. For me, that life altering experience was the Colorado Leadership Retreat in the summer after sophomore year. Going into the trip, I never could have imagined how much my life would be changed by a single week in the mountains. This experience largely impacted my life, and shaped me into the person I am today by granting me three beneficial traits: honesty, confidence, and courage. At first, I resented this trip because I would spend an entire week in the mountains without electronics or makeup, both of which I rely deeply in my everyday life, and surrounded by fifty people I barely knew. We would sleep in tents, wake up at dawn, and hike a number of miles each day, all of which I was not accustomed to. Nevertheless, I felt called to this trip because I lacked confidence, independence, a strong faith, and a relationship with God, despite having attended Catholic schools all my life. Furthermore, I was hoping I would return home with a renewed faith, increased confidence and an overall positive attitude in life.…show more content…
One memorable exercise on the trip included holding a walking stick in the air for an hour, while the leader acted as the devil and would prey on those who were struggling. To my surprise, the group came together as a whole to aid individuals, whom they did not know, in our fight against the devil. Through the act of these strangers, I learned to be courageous in fighting my own battles. In addition to this, the trip included mass on the mountain top and a day of solitude in the woods, both of which helped me reflect on my faith life. For the duration of the trip, I could not help but gaze in awe at the beauty of nature, especially the mountains, which helped me put into perspective how beautiful God’s creation truly
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