Colorado School Of Mines : Mountain Toad Mine

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Mountain Toad Mine


Brent Lytle, Donald Ross, Michael Tompkins, Dulguun Tsendayush


Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary 3
2.0 Introduction 4
3.0 Project Parameters 5
3.1 Block Model 5
3.2 Grade Shells 6
3.3 Mining Method 8
3.3 Primary Developments 9
4.0 Production 13
4.1 Equipment Selection 16
5.0 Environmental and Reclamation 17
References 18

Table of Figures
Figure 1: Block Model with Legend 5
Figure 2: CU1-2% Grade Shell 7
Figure 3: CU2-3% Grade Shell 7
Figure 4: CU3-4% Grade Shell 7
Figure 5: CU4% and up Grade Shell 7
Figure 6: Main and Vent shaft, Entries, Developments 10
Figure 7: Total Developments 12
Figure 8: Total Mined Materials 14
Figure 9: Colored Levels 16

Table of Tables
Table 1: Drift Reserves 6
Table 2: Orebody Reserve Calculations 6
Table 3: Nickolaus Method 8 1.0 Executive Summary This report outlines what we believe to be an exciting investment opportunity. Just outside of the City of Golden lies a deposit of Copper ore that we believe should be developed immediately. What we are calling the Mountain Toad Mine contains on average an ore grade of 3.0% percent copper. In today’s market, deposits of this grade are almost unheard of. This high grade is what will make the mountain toad a viable mine. The location of the mine is in Golden Colorado. This location is not an ideal place for a large scale mining operation. In order to get this mine permitted it must be mined underground and have as small…

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