Colorado Springs Sky Sox Case Study

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In consideration to the project initial planning phase of Colorado Springs Sky Sox, a Minor League Baseball team, as management is planning for building a new stadium near the western edge of Colorado Springs. The Colorado Springs Sky Sox has been significantly developed in 1959 and represents to have capacity of 8400 seats. The attendance at the stadium is steadily enhancing with the passage of time, in light of the fact owners and city officials are considering plans to develop larger as well as modern stadium with wide range of games and other facilities. In reference to provide appropriate recommendations related to the optimal size of the new building of stadium number of financial aspects has been taken in consideration (Miller, Vandome, & John, 2011). While contextual investigation, it has been assumed that stadium should enhance the capacity of more 1000 seats which will cost $2 million. In reference it has been observed that total fixed cost will be $57 million. At the same time, client have informed that according to the contract Colorado Springs Sky Sox will be paying 10% of the fixed cost in 2016 which is $5,700,000 and other 30% will be paid when building work is completed which makes $17,100,000. In addition the…show more content…
It has been identified that by enhancing 10000 seats owners and other officials will be able to fulfil the demand of customers by increasing their business revenues effectively. However, it can be recommended that owners and officials should also take capital budgeted tools in consideration through which they can also identify other aspects in which they can make investments for the stadium as well. Similarly, Colorado Springs Sky Sox should look for more proposals from different construction companies in order to make appropriate decision for relevant expansion and investment (Weygandt, Kimmel, & Kieso,

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