Colorado State University Scholarship Essay

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To become apart of a community that impacts the whole earth and its inhabitants is very important for me to do. I am choosing to further my education at Colorado State University because of the opportunity it will give me to become apart of the natural sciences community. There are many clubs and classes I would love to partake in that have to do with my passions for science. I believe natural science is vital to human, animal, and plant kind alike and should be taken seriously for the sake of the Earth’s future. At Colorado State University I want complete an undergraduate degree and then continue on to the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in hopes of becoming a veterinarian.

I am excited to
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Being convenient, affordable, and helpful are three things I will run my practice on to make owners and their animals taken care of. I believe being affordable to pet owners makes one less animal suffer a day. My whole life, my family has run into the obstacle of not being able to afford veterinary hospital bills. One of the most heartbreaking times I have been through is watching one of my dogs pass away from cancer and another develop cataracts (blindness). Both of these instances were treatable, yet my family did not have enough money to pay for it. Too many times animals go untreated because of overwhelming prices for animal care. Being from a small town with no veterinary clinic close by, I also would like to make care more convenient for a area with a big animal population. That way checkups can be made more frequently by pet owners. The health of humans would improve if animals were checked more because diseases can easily be passed on through ecosystems. I would like to prevent more diseases as a doctor or researcher because I had a horse of of my own pass away from malaria. This was heart-breaking for me and I’ve realized I’m not the only who has experienced it. Doing actual research on viral diseases would be really interesting to do at Colorado State University. Getting the chance to do so would give me the opportunity to start creating solutions to places where animals are
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