Colorado's Amendment 64

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Colorado Amendment 64 On November 6th of his year the nation held an election that decided the presidency of the United States, but couched inside of that national election were several state initiatives concerning national issues. One of these initiatives was Colorado's Amendment 64 to the state constitution which authorized the regulation of marijuana by state authorities. Colorado was not the first state to pass such laws, and not the only state to do so in the recent election, and with more states doing so, there must be some type of agreement with the federal government. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States clearly provides a solution to a conflict over states versus federal laws: federal laws are supreme. Therefore, despite all the individual states that pass laws regulating the possession, use, and production of marijuana, the federal ban still trumps them all. That is why Colorado's Attorney General recently had a conversation with Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, to see if there could be some type of resolution to this problem. Whenever marijuana initiatives are put to the people, they usually pass with overwhelming public support. It is clear that the general public does not see adult marijuana use as a social problem, any more so than alcohol consumption. And the Colorado law only allows persons 21 and over to consume or possess limited amounts of marijuana. The law
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