Colorectal Cancer : Cancer And Cancer

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Colorectal cancer is a cancer of Colon or Rectum and sometime also referred as Bowel cancer. Majority of colorectal cancer are adenocarcinoma i.e. cancer of mucosa cell. Colorectal cancers are locally invasive in nature but metastasis is usually evident before local invasive symptoms. Clinically, colorectal cancer can be characterized into early stages i.e. stage I to III or more advance and deadly IV metastatic stage. Metastatic is the stage of colorectal cancer in which cancer spread from its origin to other parts of the body organs, particularly Liver is the most commonly affected organ and thus makes it very lethal.

Colorectal cancer remains the third most common cancer in UK amongst both men and women (Office of National Statistics available at while globally its second most common cancer amongst women (Globocan-2012, estimated cancer incidence, mortality & prevalence worldwide 2012). Colorectal cancer incidence is mostly age related with chances of developing increases significantly after 50 years of age. However, small percentage of patients does develop colorectal cancer due to genetic link. Other risk factor includes gender, alcohol, food intake, smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity.

Over the past decade incidence rate of colorectal cancer remained very much static but mortality rate has been improved, largely due to early detection and advancement in cancer treatments (Baade 2011) As per NICE, half of the patients in UK survive after 5
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