Colorectal Cancer : Cancer Of The Colon

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Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon. It is also referred to as colon cancer. It is mostly found in people over the age of fifty. In the United States alone, it is the second leading cancer killer in the US. Colon cancer has four stages of cancer. The cancer can either be malignant or benign. The anatomy, signs and symptoms and treatments are all very important things to consider when encountering colon cancer. The anatomy of colon cancer is very intriguing. The colon is part of the gastrointestinal system. The colon is approximately six feet long and one to two inches in diameter. The colon has a few different parts. The main four are the ascending colon, the descending colon, and the sigmoid colon. The colon also includes the cecum, the rectum and the anus. The colon starts at the cecum and then continues as the ascending colon. It is then a right hepatic flexure and turns into the transverse colon. The transverse colon then turns at the left splenic flexure and is the descending colon. The descending colon turns left and is than called the sigmoid colon. The sigmoid colon then descends and is then called the rectum and then the anus. The colon is meant to absorb water and nutrients. It is also meant to break down food and store waste until it is time to excrete them. Signs and symptoms to look out for could mean life or death, if you miss them. The most important symptoms to look out for would have to be narrow stools or a change in bowel habits. You should also
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