Colorectal Cancer Screening SWOT Analysis

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There must be a strategic plan in place to achieve a successful program, and that requires the use of the SWOT Analysis model. (Shi & Johnson, 2012). By determining the strength, the weakness, the opportunity, and the threats of a program, there is a chance that the organization’s strategic planning remains sustainable (Shi et al., 2012). Also, each area of a well develop SWOT analysis (See Appendix A) must be able to complement one another. For example, based on the SWOT result, the organizational strength is that the stakeholders are engaging, motivated, and well experience in the subject of colorectal cancer screening; therefore, these abilities will help overcome the threats of failing to persuade the communities of the importance of such…show more content…
With that said, the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Campaign program’ s intention is to use its opportunities to positively change this weakness. For example, using the SWOT findings, the conclusion is that the organization identified some weaknesses such as the low education level affecting most of the population, and a lack of understanding which caused a lack of motivation to participate in colorectal cancer screening. With that said, the organization’s intention is to use this opportunity to educate the community on the issue while collaborating with the Department of Health to provide resources to help with this objective. Afterword, the organization intends to use the positive outcomes such as increase early detection and decrease cost for treatment to get the attention of other stakeholders such as insurance companies and policy…show more content…
However, finding out about a deadly disease on a timely manner outweigh the risk of not knowing. For example, as mentioned before, a close friend name Yvonne died of colorectal cancer couple of years ago. The reason for her death was that she found out too late that she had CRC. Worse, after spending all her life savings, even though she had insurance, she had to listen to the physician telling her the most famous but detrimental words “there is nothing we can do for you at this stage.” With that said, the plan is to use stories like Yvonne’s to persuade all stakeholders that increasing the statistics with the number of survivors is the only and most advantageous option for all. Also, the Health Department can help convince policy makers to provide more funds to sustain such program relying on the fact that early screening can prevent colorectal cancer-related death by finding precancerous polyps, or by discovering CRC early (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Early detection of CRC at a less advanced stage is easy to treat; therefore cost effective (Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
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