Colored People by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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I feel there are many reasons that Henry Louis Gates Jr chose "Colored People" as the title of his memoir. I think the word "Colored" in the title was used to group everyone as a whole. The word "Colored" was also used to self identify different races inside and out of Piedmont. I think he used "People" to say that everyone matters no matter where you hail from. The word "Colored" and the word "People" have two different meanings alone. But put the two together they become a powerful piece to the novel. I feel that when you put "Colored" and "People" together it gives off a thought to the reader that the book is only going to be about black people. In the novel, Henry touches basis on more than just black people. Henry gave the phrase "Colored People" a whole new meaning. In Henry's words "Colored People" means: Accept me for who I am, despite my background. Setting Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s novel, Colored People, took place in a small town. Piedmont was the name of the small town in which mostly black people stayed. All the black folk that stayed there were making ends meet. The men of the town were all working the same job. This is because the novel was being told in the early and mid 1900's. Back when segregation was around and blacks and whites could not work in the same space. This was also when TV and radio brought all black families together as a whole. Back then the black people in Piedmont could not do anything but dream about having lives like the black families
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