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The Sport Known as Color guard
The definition of a sport is as follows, “Noun; an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.”. I would argue that colorguard, an activity in which one spins flags, weapons, batons, and props with the marching band, should be considered a sport (
Colorguard is a noun that can refer to a group or an activity. In the context of a group, a colorguard is a number of people that make up a fraction any given marching band. They create the visual aspects of the show; such as the color from flag silks, the emphasis that a rifle can bring, and the elegance that a sabre can contribute. In the context of an activity, colorguard is the act of spinning or
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It is vital for guard members to possess an incredible amount of physical strength and endurance to be capable of the feats they perform. To toss a five on rifle a person has to build up strength for months. A five is when a person tosses a rifle into the air and it rotates five times. Lisa Conforti has been building up her five for more than a year, Wren Harry has been building up her five for six months and she still hasn’t achieved it yet. This isn’t a technique issue it’s a strength one. These girls are both extraordinarily experienced in their field and are using correct technique, the issue is that they don’t have the physical strength to complete these feats (Carvalho, Sarah et al.). That covers strength, but what about endurance? Every sport requires endurance. Well, that is correct, and I might surprise you when I say that colorguard requires an incredible amount of endurance. Envision this, high school freshman through seniors, working in the sun on grass and turf fields for two work weeks from nine in the morning to six at night every day in the heat August, with minimal water breaks and only an hour lunch break. This is the reality of Brevard High School guard members during band camp each year. While the band gets a ‘gush and go’ which is about sixty seconds to gulp down as much water as possible, guard members are forced to run to set their

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