Colorimetric Analysis Lab Report Results

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In the course of the experiment, the body weight of rats was measured every 7 days. After sacrifice, the lung index was expressed as the ratio of wet lung weight to body weight (g). The HP content of the lung tissue was determined using a colorimetric assay described else ware (Kesava Reddy and Enwemeka, 1996). Briefly, 100 mg samples were homogenized in 6 molar HCl and hydrolyzed for five hours at 130°C. The pH was adjusted to 6.5–7.0 with NaOH, and the sample volume was adjusted to 30 ml with distilled water. The sample solution (1.0 ml) was mixed with 1.0 ml of chloramine T solution (0.05 mol/L), and then the mixture was incubated at room temperature for 20 minutes. When 1.0 ml of 20% dimethyl benzaldehyde solution was added, the mixture
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