Colors: A Poweful Tool on a Webpage

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Building a webpage can be a long and vigorous journey. Like every good voyage it can be challenging and may seem impossible at times, but the end will be glorious and worth every minute you put into it. Before you make a webpage you must understand a very important concept first. The color and design is what makes your website flow and the user is everything. If your user is dissatisfied or your webpage is a big clump of mangled links and jpegs you might want to either give up on life, or start from scratch and rethink the design. Don’t worry though, anyone can make a good page if you they truly try. What makes a webpage so amazing? Is it awesome implementation of the best technology? Is it the fancy little doodads and advertisements that pop-up periodically and never stop. Possibly, but something a little deeper in design is color. Color is important because it is the style and beauty of you page. Colors set the mood for your page and are pleasing to look at. Colors affect people in different ways. Whether it is bringing back a childhood memory or evoking utter bliss in the user. It is a very powerful tool at your disposal. Making someone cry because they suddenly remembered a dog they once had for years and the good times they had together will surely impact them in a positive way. Make your styles elaborate and unforgettable. If you make the most beautiful webpage ever they may stop and actually notice it. If you’re lucky they may even appreciate it. This will make all

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