Colors, Letters and Numbers Essay

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Colors, Letters and Numbers. The three things that have been with us from infancy, to adolescence until now. No one ever thought that the symbols that were on our building blocks would symbolize what they do today. The movie Colors glorified bloods (red) and crips (blue) to some extent. It made a lot of teens and younger kids want to be apart of a gang because it seems cool, or maybe they just had nothing else better to do. The whole gang theme seems to be catching on through out all aspects of life. There are even reports of a homosexual gang that wears the rainbow as their calling card. There will never be a slow down in gang violence once there are members of the hip-hop community that glorify the gang lifestyle. Rappers such as Snoop …show more content…
We need our own brand of Genocide to combat these gangs and secure our future.

Before I could dive into the gang sub culture I had to ask the obvious question. What is a gang? A gang is a group of people who want to be seen as different from others and want others to perceive them as a distinct group. This group is organized, has leadership, and is committing criminal acts in the community. Gangs have been in existence for as long as there have been inhabitants of this world. Even the word "Thug" dates back to India in 1200 Ad as a word they used to describe a gang of criminals. In the United States we grew up with a different kind of thug, like pirates and gangsters, therefore, gangs, undoubtedly, are not a new concept. For decades, these gangsters weren't thought of as "all that bad." In fact they may have been loved by the community, or the public as a whole. I feel this is a major part of the reason why teens join gangs. The Media glorification of Al Capone and Lucky Luciano made men like Elliot Ness seem like one of the "bad guys." Being apart of something bigger than them maybe also what attracts teens to gangs. Just the thought of being a part of something bigger than them makes some teens salivate. Teens who come from houses where there might be an adult with a drug problem or something of that nature are more prone to join a gang than someone who lives with both parents in a somewhat normal home. The family aspect of the gang is almost like a
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