Colors Of Deceit In The Great Gatsby Essay

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Colors of Deceit in The Great Gatsby The novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, sends the message to Americans that outward appearances can be deceptive. Fitzgerald saw that America had no identity and blamed it on Americans because of everyone’s constant effort to be seen as something that they are not. He uses the characters and their past as a way to expose America's misleading appearances and colors to emphasize the specific things that are being covered in American society. Fitzgerald uses the colors white, gold, yellow, blue, and green, to teach America that there is no such thing as an American identity because of deceiving appearances that they have created. The color white is one of the clearest examples of deceivery in…show more content…
However, Gatsby is not old money like Daisy, and does not see the difference between him and her. Gatsby’s bigger purchases like his car and his house are both very flashy and ostentatious, which is not the way of old money. Gatsby's car is bright yellow and makes a statement, unlike Tom, Daisy’s husband’s car, which is blue. The fact that Gatsby’s car is yellow also proves that he does not see the difference between old money and new money. Gold and it's display is one of the strongest differences between old money and new money that creates the division of classiness and flashiness. Clearly, Gatsby misinterprets the meaning of the color yellow and equivalates it with gold, which leads him to lie he is old money when in fact he is new money. The color blue is another clear example of the theme of deceptive appearances. The color blue represents depression, unhappiness, and loneliness. Gatsby’s first piece of wealth is a blue coat given to him by Dan Cody, signifying the beginning of his life as a rich person. In addition, Gatsby's blue lawn, and blue garden, where he hosts his extravagant parties reveals his sadness and loneliness everytime Daisy does not show. All of this blue represents an aspect of Gatsby's personality and identity that he tries to hide. Gatsby is known by the public because of his extravagant parties even though he does not attend them. Because of this, everyone speculates on the real identity of Gatsby. Gatsby has worked hard his entire
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