Colors Of The Wind : Polynesian Style

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Colors of the Wind: Polynesian Style
When you breathe in Hawaii, you breathe in the spirit. The spirituality of the ancient Hawaiian religion can be found all over the island, infusing its peoples with their stories and energy. It is as if the island is alive itself; wherever you go, you can always feel the boost of energy that the Gods are giving off. Religion is an integral aspect of Hawaiian life, permeating every day activities and important events such as birth, marriage, and death. Early Hawaiians believe that nature and shaped events were manifestations and acts of the Gods. Similar to the Ancient Roman religion, there are many versions to the stories of the gods and goddesses consisting of themes centered on betrayal and romance (Beckwith, Ch:1). Some spirits deceive, and some are truthful. “Nothing is impossible to the akua,” gods represented by nature’s elements (Kamakua). Native Hawaiians abided the ancient Hawaiian law system, kapu akua, or laws of the gods, and would carry out appropriate ceremonies and prayers to maintain a good relation with the spirits (Hawaii-guide info). They believe that the Gods have the power to inflict injury if angered by breaking the kapu. Failure to abide this law system was also accompanied by dreadful penalties including various forms of execution ( The kapu system was religiously practiced by the early Hawaiians and sculpted Hawaii’s social and political entities until it was overthrown after the death of Kamehameha…
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