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The Colossians Essay By: Kenneth Bernard Ridgell Instructor: Dr. Matthew Clifton Essay on Colossians Topic Heresy Date: November 7, 2011 Ridgell 2 The city of Colosse was located in the province of Phrygia; before the Christian era the city of Colosse was a principle city the Lycus Valley. Being part of a major trade route in Asia Minor from Ephesus to Miletus, the city was known for its production of textiles, especially in its purple wool. Larger cities such as Laodicea and Hierapolis, made it a well-populated and high business area in the Lycus Valley. With great changes in the road system Laodicea became a more important trade city than Colosse. Once a great city by AD 61 Colosse suffered a great deal, an earthquake shook…show more content…
He is also the Redeemer (1: 14), the one who contains all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge Colossians 2: 3. The purpose in writing Colossians was to express Paul’s personal interest in the Colossians to warn them against reverting to their old pagan vices, and to counteract both the theological heresy and its practice within the church at Colosse. We live in a world where religious confusion is ramped, just as it was in the days of the apostle Paul we are confronted with false teaching without and within the church and as the early church rejected all forms of syncretism because they were convinced that Jesus alone was God and the only way of salvation, this truth was firmly stressed. Thus, as with the early church, so the church must not tolerate the syncretism of our day. We can tolerate genuine pluralism, the idea that the religions of the world can peacefully co-exist, but not syncretism, the idea that the beliefs of various religions can be combined. Our society wants a tolerance that accepts all beliefs. Tolerance can be defined in two ways, legal tolerance is the right for everyone to believe in whatever faith (or none at all) he wishes. This is important in our society, and we as Christians should maintain our conviction that no one should ever be coerced into believing as we do. Another legal way of tolerance is social tolerance, a commitment to

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