Colourism In The Dark Knight

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Romance is a genre that utilises love to attract its audience and embodies the use of “a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.” (Unknown, Unknown). This genre concentrates purely on the emotional journey of the main characters (usually a man and a woman) and highlights their determination to love one another despite their hardships. When “the two people finally overcome their difficulties, declare their love, and experience life "happily ever after" - implied by a reunion and final kiss.” (Unknown, unknown). As a colourist, my sole responsibility will be to highlight our character’s emotional journey while still maintaining a form of environmental realism to make the emotions of the film both authentic and easy for the viewer…show more content…
We see the use of a simple colour pallet with very little colour contrast but the lighting contrast is used to enhance the lighting of the environment and make the characters slightly pop out. Every colour in the image is given a sense of realism however the audience knows there is a lack of normalcy in the film through the use shadows to create a form of suspense. In terms of colour specification we tend to see the use the typical ‘blockbuster’ Orange and Teal look backed with the moderate use of light and/or colour contrast. If we look at the Dark Knight example below we see the heavy use of the colour Orange to mostly enhance the flames behind the character however the colourist used the colour brown to create a form of colour contrast and darken the character to further contrast the image. We see the same type of technique used in the Kill Bill Volume One example as well. We see heavy use of the colour Blue (otherwise known as Teal). We also see use of the colour yellow to create a form of colour contrast and a slightly darken background to further contrast the

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