Essay about Columbia Accident Investigation Board Audience and Use

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Columbia Accident Investigation Board Audience and Use Making sure that a technical document meets the needs of its intended audience is crucial to successfully facilitate the communication of concepts and ideas. In order to meet these needs, they must be clearly identified and specifically addressed. In the article “COLUMBIA ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION BOARD”, the audience’s identity, needs, personality, and expectations are all clearly defined and addressed. The first part of the article sets up and identifies both the audience and their needs. The primary and secondary audiences are both defined in the following statement about the origin of the Board: “From its inception, the Board has considered itself an independent and public…show more content…
One way that the document has overcome the non-technical background of its audience was by including several excerpts and definitions describing topics from the anatomy of a space shuttle to the locations of the major manufacturers that create all of the required pieces that enable NASA to get into outer space. The audience’s probable attitude and personality with respect to the Board and its findings are all addressed in the document. The attitude that the audience has is one of grief and distrust in both NASA and the Government. This is made evident in the statement, “The loss of Columbia and her crew represents a turning point, calling for a renewed public policy debate and commitment regarding human space exploration.” By stating that there is a need for renewed public policy regarding NASA’s missions, it is clear that the public opinion about NASA has been tarnished by the accident. They also have the probable objections that the Board was biased and that they do not have any effective results that could help reduce the risk that another accident like this will ever occur. However, the likely attitude that the audiences will have toward the writer are that of hope for the future and America’s return to space. This is shown when the document states, “These recommendations reflect both the Boardʼs strong support for

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