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America’s War on Drugs
Chaos best describes the current state of the Republic of Colombia. Rebelling terrorist groups from within the country threaten to topple Colombia’s actual government. Again and again, Colombia has shown its inability to fight the rebelling terrorists and simultaneously protect its civilians from harm.
America has several reasons to intervene, with its military force if necessary, in Colombia. America must be protected against drugs and the countless crimes and social problems that drugs inevitably produce. By stopping the flow of drugs, America will also stop the flow of funds to terrorist groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, who receive a large amount, if not the majority of their funding from
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The cartel’s narcotic poisons are even now damaging and destroying the lives of a significant portion of American youth. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, in the year 2001, 19.5 percent of 8th Grade students, 37.2 percent of high school students in their sophomore year, and 41.4 percent of high school seniors used illegal drugs (Information). Illegal drugs, most of which come from Colombia, are poisoning the American youth. Drugs cause more than just the immediate problem of addiction. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, suicide, truancy, cheating, and unhealthy family relationships pose greater risk for teenagers who take drugs than with their contemporaries who do not (Information).
The United States of America has every right to protect its citizens from drugs and the crime and social problems that follow them. Since September 11, 2001, the United States has fought a war against terrorist organizations worldwide. America spends 64 billion dollars annually on illicit drugs---and much of this money funds the same terrorist groups who threaten America (International 24). If America hopes to defeat her enemies, the terrorists, then she must shut down illegal drug operations. Drugs fund terrorism. Drugs and terrorists seem to be symbiotic at times—one problem surviving because of the other. Before
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