Columbian Exchange Essay

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On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus departed from Palos, Spain to begin his journey across the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first of many voyages that allowed him to explore a New World where he was able to discover plants, animals, cultures and resources that Europeans had never seen before. The sharing of these resources and combination of the Old and New World has come to be known as the Columbian Exchange. During these explorations, the Europeans brought diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid and bubonic plague to the New World, wiping out entire Indian populations. There were also many other populations wiped out due to complications that came from this exchange. Were these explorations and the wiping out of entire…show more content…
To get to his destination, Columbus used instruments such as celestial navigation, astrolabe, quadrant and dead reckoning. He spotted land in October of 1492 and decided to explore. When the very first settlers arrived to the New World, they brought many changes, which had a large impact on the physical areas of the new world. The Europeans needed labor, which led to the import of slaves from Africa. As the explorers came to the New World and began to make changes, the Native American population began to drastically decline while the European population in the New World began to increase. More and more people began to move to cities instead of staying in rural areas, which created more urbanized living. Before Columbus crossed the Atlantic, different parts of the world had been developing on their own. The Eastern and Western hemispheres were completely separate and they had no way of trading or communication. The people were all completely different, having been brought up in completely different cultures. They each had their own set of diseases, plants, animals and crops. However, this was all about to change with the exploration of the New World by Columbus and the other Europeans. When the Europeans first arrived, some of the Native Americans thought they might be Gods while others thought of them as invaders. However, they began to communicate, and they began to learn about what the other culture had to offer. Positive
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