Columbian Exchange Term Paper

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Throughout the life cycle of the Earth our continents have been constantly changing. Causing animals and plants that may of once shared a habitat to split and evolve separately. The exploration of the new world created a bridge over the separation creating unity between continents called the Columbian exchange. Plants animals and the dreaded disease were spread and continue to wherever the European, and future explorers step and beyond. This event is the most significant ecological event to happen in the past hundreds of thousands of years. Bringing men and women across continents pioneering the unknown and taking roots into land that once was thought not to be their. From all over Africans Chinese Europeans and The Spanish settled and explored bringing with them their biology ideas and goods and bringing back the same from the native populations. Expressed in three words Alfred w. Crosby describes the entire process calling it “global biological homogeneity”.…show more content…
Plants like tobacco white potato peanuts squash pumpkin and so much more as well as animals such as turkey where brought over from the Americans. Earthworms rice wheat oats rye peaches pears and sugar were brought over by the old world. Literally changing the land under both the new world and old worlds feet. The Europeans brought dirt that housed weeds to the coast of the Americas where it took root and grew exponentially. Europeans stripped the land of the trees exposing the earth to an extreme amount of sunlight and stress that left dead grass. Taking its place were weeds that the English brought over that were able to withstand the extreme amount of stress. Leaving the lands covered in the Alienated plants. Foreigners cultivated and formed the land into what was necessary to perform what they needed to do changing the geography and ecological aspects of the world
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