Columbias Rights Essay

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Colombia has endured vicious conflicts throughout its country for the past 36 years. It is considered to be the one of the most violent places in the world, with a murder rate of eight times greater than the United States. Colombia’s army troops, consisting of the 12th Brigade, rebels, guerillas and paramilitaries, have not made the horrendous war any better. Washington has singled out the 12th Brigade for it’s severe brutality towards civilians to the point of U.S aid suspension. The Colombian people constantly live in fear, not only from criminals, but their own troops as well. In the article, “Columbian Army to Push Human Rights” armed forces commander General Fernando Tapias says, “Civilians should find, in a soldier, a defender of …show more content…
The fact that hundreds of police officers, judges, investigators, presidential candidates, and of course thousands of Colombian citizens are murdered with the attitude of “so it goes” (Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five) shows that their Nation has been very badly damaged, psychologically as well as physically.
Washington’s helping hand of hundreds of millions of dollars is apparently not serving its purpose. The war continues to escalate and concerns for human rights is forever increasing. Col. Julian Villate is proof that the Country does not have its priorities straight in addressing this issue. He says:
Complying with International human rights standards is an easy way of obtaining international support to win this war. It is also the required standard of behavior for any human being.
     Why should one feel the need to comply with treating a person with simple respect, with giving second thoughts to clubbing then in the head or shooting them point blank? And why do they feel the need to commit unnecessary violence? These “human rights standards” should be a natural for the people, not something they have to think twice about and obey to.
     The United States is tremendously lucky to operate under system that isn’t so threatened that they have to remind their people what human rights are, and
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