Columbus Custom Carpentry Is A Family Owned Business Operating Essay

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Columbus Custom Carpentry is a family owned business operating in a niche market of producing semi-custom interior doors for residential applications using mass customization. Founded in 1946 in Columbus, Georgia, the company has been successful thus far by using various jigs and specialized tools to reinvent antique-style doors for their market. Not being competitors in the mass-market, CCC has to focus on producing quality pieces for lower prices in order to keep their customers happy and the annual $15 million in sales. Operating out of four buildings in the Midwest, there are 135 employees split between four areas of expertise: manufacturing, warehousing, administration and marketing. CCC’s build-to-order custom manufactures do not have to be sold through big-box stores in order to be successful. The company is able to underprice their replacement antique style doors and still be profitable even while working with lower volumes; thus, they are using a differentiation strategy. However, recently it has been brought to our attention that the company is facing multiple internal and external issues. They have selected our team of HR managers to solve the underlying problems. Identification of Major Issues Internal Issues The company faces pay equity issues both internally and externally. Internally, employees working in the warehousing department want to be transferred to manufacturing in order to make more money. This immediately begins to throw off the
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