Columbus Day

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The United States only honors two men with federal holidays bearing their names, Martin Luther King Jr., and Christopher Columbus. When we celebrate Columbus Day, we are honoring a man who helped spark a holocaust situation of the people of America and the Atlantic slave trade. Furthermore, Columbus never set foot on the land we call the United States, nor was the first explorer to reach the "new world". Columbus's arrival in the new world was proceeded by the explorer Leif Ericson and others. The true discoverers of the land Columbus encountered are the ancestors of the native people who were living there when he arrived. Unfortunately, the public education system of the United States has failed to teach the entire truth about Christopher…show more content…
In making this comment, UNESCO is also agreeing that the Atlantic slave trade was so cruel that they were killing the Natives with their cruelty even before they became slaves. In conclusion, the Atlantic slave trade was so intense that the Natives, Africans and people from the Caribbean islands were affected.

Next, the Europeans soon "developed a strong demand for gold in their economy" (UNESCO). Which made them more destructive and violent towards the Natives. First off, some spaniards use their matureness as an advantage for the Natives to give them whatever they want. In this case, gold or religion. "Some spaniards have no more consideration for them than beasts" ((Bartolome de Las Casas).Bartolome de Las Casas is saying that the spaniards are getting really greedy for getting something they crave. Furthermore, they're getting more violent once they realize what the Indians have. According to Bartolome de Las Casas, "their reason for killing and destroying such an infinite number of souls is that the Christians have an ultimate aim, which is to acquire gold, and to swell themselves with riches..." (Bartolome de Las Casas). The Europeans don't deserve any special celebration since they already got their respect from any Indians since they willingly suffered and gave up gold. To sum up, the Europeans are being greedy and spending out all their savings isn't a good idea because the only thing that comes out with being
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