Columbus Invaded or Discovered the West Indies?

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After 1655, Animism was destroyed in the West Indies. The cause of this was not natural, or preferred, but rather coerced by other humans. What are the differences between “discovering” and “invading”? Discovering is defined as determining the existence or presence of something, whereas, invading means marching aggressively into another’s territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation. In this essay, I will be extending very acutely into this issue, identifying the reasoning behind this case, so that I can easily be able to express my judgement on, Columbus discovering or invading the West Indies, with indomitable evidence. People believing that Columbus discovered America due to several different inferences:…show more content…
Secondly, Animism was the religion that no longer exists due to the fact that it was demolished by Columbus and the Spaniards. Christianity was the new religion that was advised to the Arawaks, believing that they have no faiths or beliefs. In order to increase the number of Christianity believers and the importance given to this religion, Columbus forcefully converts the religion of the people living in the West Indies, from Animism to Christianity. E.g. In 21st century, people living in West Indies mainly follows Christianity not Animism. This issue was strictly asked to follow by the monarch, in order to increase the number of supporters and sharing more importance towards Christianity – Catholic. His discoveries led to the major European sea powers sending expeditions to the New World to build trade networks and colonies and to convert the native people to Christianity. Thirdly, Arawaks were forcefully taken to Spain, to be enslaved which can also highlight as West Indies being invaded. They were taken to Spain, in order to fulfil the criteria set by the Monarch, which was to slave trade. If the Arawaks, refused to follow Columbus, they would get their nose cut off immediately. Some Arawaks even committed infanticide, meaning they killed their infants just to relieve them from not becoming slaves. During this exchange, diseases were also exchanged i.e. small
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