Columbus State University Essay

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Columbus State University is my first choice school. Aside from the prepossessing campus, the highly equipped student facilities, and the eclectic clubs that have been created over the years, the science program is what I am most elated about. While very young, I was quite fascinated with how things worked, and this fascination turned into a love for science. I consider science to be behind the explanation of how the world works. Understanding science is the key to understanding the world. Many children, while I was growing up, dreamed of being actresses, pop-stars, or princesses, but I always dreamed of being a scientist. I want to eventually fulfill this dream by becoming a pharmacist. My belief is that Columbus State University will give me a notable basis for this goal to be fulfilled because of its class size and research program. Columbus State University has a 17:1 student to teacher ratio. The extra attention shown to students, because of a smaller class size, is what helps them, the students, to really understand the material they are learning. In order to be the best I can be, at the subject that I…show more content…
Applying science to the real world involves research, which requires different experiments. Columbus State’s science professors are more than qualified to aid and monitor different research projects. When I visited Columbus State University as a junior, a biology professor informed me on how students were focused and allowed to conduct research projects. This professor also relayed to to me how Columbus was consistently communicating with graduate school that were known for their pre pharmacy programs, and what the schools were looking for in a applying student. One thing that stood out that the schools were looking for and Columbus helps greatly when developing, is a research project. Columbus State University is equipped with all the amenities I need to obtain the future I
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