Columbus, The Indians, And Human Progress

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Thesis Statement:
Zinn argues that the perspective of indigenous people should not be omitted and argues that their perspectives are as significant as any other. He provides insight and perspectives of the Indians to describe how the heinous acts of the Europeans were unjustified. He also discusses that the Europeans had a continual motive of exploring during that time which was to increase the power/authority of the Spanish Crown by whatever means necessary, usually leading to violent wars.
B. Evidence used:
The Europeans main goal revolved around the stability of power of the Spanish Crown. The Spanish Crown was focused on expanding their military so they needed resources such as gold to pay for the constantly increasing military budget. Columbus used this idea to help get resources such as, boats, men, food and weapons from the Spanish Crown. This is important because it describes the desperate need of gold that the Spaniards had which ultimately led to the gruesome acts they committed.
Although the Spaniards and English were greeted with hospitality, food, and gifts they still sought war because it was not enough. Zinn mentions this quote,“They willingly traded everything they owned…”, which shows that Cortes and Columbus were both greeted by the Indians with kindness. However, they both used that to their advantage tricking them into slavery and oppression. “he was so anxious to please the King that he committed
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