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Christopher Columbus and Alvez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca were both explorers for Spain, but under different rulers and different times. The more famous, Christopher Columbus, came before de Vaca's time. Columbus sailed a series of four voyages between 1492 and 1504 in search for a route to Asia which led accidentally to his discovery of new land inhabited with Indians. Christopher sailed under the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella for his journey to the "Indies," whom he was loyal to by claiming everything in their name. De Vaca , followed in Christopher's footsteps and journeyed to Hispanionola for Spain's emperor, Charlves V, the grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella. Both, Columbus and de Vaca composed a series of letters addressing…show more content…
His sole purpose was to inform others (of his sufferings and his discoveries of the Native Americans). He also wanted to "justify his conclusions regarding Spanish policy and behavior in America" which is mainly addressed to Charles V. De Vaca believes that "[his] only remaining duty is to transmit what [he] saw and heard in the nine years [he] wandered lost and miserable over many remote lands." Therefore, he conveys to Charles V the many incidents that occurred throughout his struggle for survival while in Texas. In De Vaca's opinion, he thinks that the information he is revealing will be useful to others and will be "of no trivial value for those who go in [his majesty's] name to subdue countries." The descriptions which Christopher Columbus and Alvez de Vaca reveal are entirely different. Columbus wrote information that was insignificant. His explanations are very vague and are only somewhat in depth when something interests him greatly, like his "discovery" of the beautiful Espanola. Columbus wrote about the Indians and their land as if they were "nothing of importance." The majority of his descriptions of explorations were about himself or based on himself. On the other hand, Alvez de Vaca claims that he is telling the "truth" and are "strictly factual." De Vaca "remembers all the particulars," in other words, every significant detail. Alvez mentions both positive and negative qualities of his experiences. It seems as if he

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