Com 150 Week 5 Movie Critique Essay

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Ryan Dayton

Movie Critique HUM 150 Bradley Nygren

Movie Critic Τhe film I chose to critique this week is the classic family comedy Home Alone (1990) directed by Chris Columbus. Leading actors in this film is eight year old Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin, along with Peter McCallister, the father, played by John Heard, Mrs. McCallister played by Catherine O’Hara, Marv, who is the first burglar, played by Daniel Stern, and Harry, the other burglar played by Joe Pesci. Other characters in this film are Buzz the brother, mean Uncle Frank, and creepy old man Marley. The title of the film hints to the audience that someone is home alone, but the viewer does not know what happens in the story until watching
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All these sounds led me to believe that there was a wind storm with the possibility the family was going to lose power, and sure enough they did. There were also sounds made by people other than spoken words, such as when creepy old man Marley was shoveling the snow and also scenes when Kevin walks on the snow. One scene, Kevin is being followed by the burglars, and Kevin turns around because he feels it, suddenly Harry makes the whistling sound looking around which fit the scene. Another scene, when Harry and Marv break into the Murphy’s home, Marv gets cocky putting everything in a bag with his crowbar making loud clattering sounds. There is a scene where the camera shot is on the leather boots worn by old man Marley and the viewer can hear the boots squeak making the man more freighting, especially for an eight year old child like Kevin. The audience is led to believe that this old man is mean until the viewer discovers otherwise. Other sounds like instrumental music specifically composed for this film is great. This film’s music makes it unique, and it would be easily distinguished where it was first used if the same music is ever used again in the future. In addition, being made to believe the film takes place around Christmas, there is a large amount of Christmas music throughout the film. In my opinion, the sounds and music used in Home Alone are great contributions to making this

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