Com 200 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Tykori Saunders
COM 200
Dr. Schrag
Final Paper
The major of statistics is used in everyday life whether it be through experiments or analyzing data for a company. With the use of statistics, it is not only important to know how to analyze data, but also how to communicate the information to others. Using the communication skills can help companies sell more products and save money on advertisements. With the advancement of digital and/or electronic communication technology, the field of statistics is growing rapidly and their findings are becoming more accurate. Post graduation I intend on working for a company doing business analytics for the products they sale. In this final paper, I will explain to you how the advancement of digital communication
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In today's society, social media rules the world and is one of the easiest marketing strategies for younger customers. As stated in The Shallows, when people are interrupted from social media communication they feel out of the loop. "We want to be interrupted, because each interruption brings us a valuable piece of information. To turn off these alerts is to risk feeling out of touch, or even socially isolated," (Carr). I will utilize the societies weakness to my advantage. By using marketing strategies like offering free items from a company if they follow a link through a social media application like Instagram or Facebook. Customers will feel socially isolated if all of their friends received a free item because they were on social media. This marketing strategy would be one of the least expensive types and reaches one of the largest networks of people. Using my skills in statistics I can analyze which social media application gets the most feedback and tell a company which application to put more money into advertising. This not only makes the customers maintain their feeling of being in the loop but increases the company's sales and potentially lowering their advertisement…show more content…
We live in a world today where many of the younger population is born in the "Digital World" so to speak. This means the children have been introduced to electronic or digital items their entire lives. Tablets, iPads, cell phones, social media and more have been a prominent part of many of their lives. As a statistician and a business many, I can utilize their smarts in the digital world to help my company. While reading Born Digital, John Palfrey talks about how the digital natives know how to exploit the trends of this new age. "Digital Native entrepreneurs have been successful in no small part because they know this hybrid analog-and-digital world extremely well. They know how to thrive in it. They know how their peers are living their lives in digitally mediated ways. And they are figuring out ways to exploit the trends of a digital age. The businesses that they are creating are becoming some of the most important services for the highly connected Digital Natives of our times," says John (Palfrey). This is important to statisticians and businesses because companies want employees who can not only benefit the company itself but can relate to its customers. Since I am one of the children apart from the digital age, it would be easier for me to know what the younger population wants in their products. My ability to analyze the statistical difference between two products
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