Com 285 Paper 2

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1 Audience Analysis University of Phoenix Aaron Trevino Audience Analysis 2 In presenting any information to a mixed group of individuals it is important that you address all of the issues that will affect each group of people in the meeting. The presentation should be well thought out and possibly have gone through several drafts before completing a final presentation. It is also important to have someone proof read the presentation to ensure that it makes sense and provides pertinent information to the target audience. The presenter should also go through the presentation at least a couple of times to ensure that they are not just reading word for word the presentation.…show more content…
Focusing on the positives is essential; a happy sales person will sell more Audience Analysis 4 however as a presenter I would not be against providing the sales people with helpful hints to make their job a little more efficient. As far as the proper communication channels since you are presenting the sales figures to everyone together a formal communication channel would be appropriate. If you were presenting the sales figures to everyone individually you could use different types of communication channels. If you were presenting to managers, a formal communication channel would be acceptable. An example of this would be the presentation you are giving in a meeting room; you would want to present the material in a professional manner to ensure that you are proficient in what you are presenting. If you were speaking to a group of customers, you would probably want to use a formal communication channel as well. Perhaps, instead of having all your customers in one room you could go to each company and provide them with the information as it pertains to them. Now if you were presenting the figures to sales people a more informal communication channel such as a working lunch. This will provide a relaxed setting were you can focus on the numbers but also reward your sales people for a job well done. Some considerations to keep in mind when you are presenting the quarterly sales figures to your audience is just how much
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