Com 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization

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COM 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization - Pfizer a) Organization Orientation The Pfizer organization expresses a strong culture and interest in the well-being of people, both inside the company and in the larger human community. The company’s understanding of its responsibilities of citizenship required it to remain loyal to its hometown community. In its embrace of a structured, organized, and planned environment, Pfizer reveals the often subtle impact of the judging work style preference. The company has evolved a remarkably decentralized divisional structure, with distinct but wholly owned subsidiaries producing some of its best-known products: McNeill Laboratories makes Tylenol, Ethicon makes surgical products, and…show more content…
k Fun Harmony Integrity Insight Sensitivity Communication Networks / Style: formal and informal Centers on the future and people, with ideals Prefers to give information rather than directives Communicates at the conceptual level May be prone to exaggeration and dramatics Prefers face-to-face interaction Language is verbally creative Begins meetings with the big picture first In meetings, seeks connecting with people first Topics will vary widely, but will deal mostly with ideas Conversations will jump from topic to topic Options and possibilities will be communicated Sources of Energy Pursuing people possibilities and concepts that can help humankind Idealistic relationships Adopting and championing causes Signs of Stress Overwhelmed with possibilities, indecisive Obsessed with unimportant details Loud arguments and emotional outbursts Becomes overzealous about values, or intense and vocal when they are not honored Behavior during Conflict: Managing communication Will avoid conflict if possible, but will defend values tenaciously Ensures that corporate values are understood Conflict will come when values are violated or ignored May reason with feelings rather than logic Approaches to Managing Change Change will come from vision of the future Will seek information and advice from everyone Will ask if change is good for people If changes honor its values, will try to persuade others Change will be slow and evolutionary Ideal

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