Comapre and Contrast Qualitative and Quantitative Appraoches to Research

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Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative approaches to research This essay will compare and contrast the 3 articles below in relation to qualitative and quantitative approaches to research focusing on the design and methods used in each study including sampling, data collection and data analysis. The first chosen article by Winkens et al. (2006) uses a qualitative method to look at the manifestations of mental slowness in the stroke population. Toulotte, Thevenon, Watelain and Fabre (2006) uses a case comparison quantitative study to identify healthy elderly fallers and non-fallers by gait analysis under dual task conditions and the study by Girou, Loyeau, Legrand, Oppein and Brun-Buisson (2002) uses a randomised clinical…show more content…
The use of semi-structured questionnaires has many advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include the flexibility of the interviewer allowing them to follow up on any unexpected responses and to seek clarification on any answers. It also provides a depth of information as well as a breadth of information. The disadvantages of using semi-structured interviews are the analysis of data obtained is often complicated and time consuming and the data may contain irrelevant information. In this study it was identified that there could have been some bias when using semi-structured interviews as it enabled the interviewers to guide the interviews and therefore the patients answers, in the direction of preexisting hypotheses. The authors of this study did identify the reason for the use of this method and therefore they justified its use. They suggested that as the study was an explorative in nature it required a broad approach (Winkens et al. 2006). Using this approach can cause inconsistencies between the interviews and therefore can effect the outcome of the interview. Every effort should be made to keep the questioning similar. If a discussion is made in one interview then that topic should be made available to the next
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