Combat Deployment and the Military Family

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Combat Deployment and the Military Family

Combat deployment, in many ways, has affected every military family; the soldier, the spouse, and the child(ren). The spouses and child(ren) of the deployed soldier are often referred to as the “unsung heroes” of military families, at all times of a deployment. In the military, the families are often placed in the background, but families are crucial to the soldier’s success. There are several million service members in the military today.
50% Under the age of 25 years old
85% Soldiers that are males
10% Dual parents*
70% Military families have one or more children
70% Have some college credits or have attended college
*(Dual Parents- both mother and father are in military) The
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When it comes to helping children adjust to deployment better there are a few known “helps”. Here is the list that is given by Gewirtz, et al.:
1. Help parents maintain rules, routines, and rituals during deployment cycle.
2. Help parents to support children’s coping.
3. Help parents understand and respond to child anxiety.
4. Help parents minimize child transitions.
5. Help parents maintain a united parenting front.
Like every aspect in life, the best way to prevent or solve a problem is to find out what way to handle it and use it.
These problems and challenges listed above are not experienced by all military families, many of the families are able to adapt well. Military families and children have a great capacity for adaption and resilience. In the military resilience is very important in all stages of deployment, it helps lessen the stress and improve the capability to adjust. About 74% of children become closer to friends and family. The children also become more responsible, and independent. When families function positively they find a meaning in military life and are able to accept the work of the soldier; this helps the morale of the soldier, as well as the ability to carry out the given mission. The strength of most military families can be a source of pride and inspiration for many non-military members. The affects of combat deployment on families, can
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