Combat Poverty, Developing And Developed Nations?

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What measures can be taken to combat poverty, in developing and developed nations? Perspective 1:
Perspective 2:
The first obstacle to combating poverty is in our minds. We must understand where poverty is before we can fight it. Although some countries are described as “developed” and others as “developing”, this does not provide an accurate way to judge the poverty. Even “highly developed” countries, such as America and the UK have people living without access to basic necessities.
Successful development can imply many things, such as”
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Politics has caused many problems in many poorer countries. In many cases, economic profitability has led to a diversion of available resources from critical local needs to western markets. This has resulted in a lack of basic access to food, water, health, education and other important social services. This is a major obstacle to removing poverty.

Key Findings:
The issue of combating poverty is neither down to the individual nor down to the government. In our survey a clear majority stated that solving the issue of poverty was down to the government and not the individual. However a relative amount of people surveyed also said that it was a mutual responsibility. Many agreed that the government was busy enough already and that individuals would not have enough power to contribute unless they all joined together. Therefore we can conclude that the main responsibility of combating poverty should be put down to not only the government but also the combined efforts of the individuals. These individuals can contribute through group programmes or other NGO’s such as Kiva. One of the major ways to combat poverty in developing countries is to increase the levels of education as well as healthcare. Bad quality healthcare and education results in a weaker workforce in future which only leads to increasing poverty rates and poor economy. Therefore improving the levels of healthcare and education is essential to helping

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