Combating Child Labor Trafficking Globally

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Combating child labor trafficking globally has been one of the main socio political conflicts that needs to be terminated, due to the exploitation of children in the workplace and the hazardous conditions through which they are exposed. The estimated number of discrepancies have increased over a period of time, depicting the numerous amounts of young children induced into forced labor in the following areas: brothels, agriculture, and sweat shops to contribute to the financial needs of their families. Various studies have been conducted, to socially aware the public of the millions of children that are affected within the economic struggles of their natal country. The trafficking of children is interconnected with influential labor sectors that violates the human rights of children and create high demands for cheap labor for their performed functions. Many international labor organizations take part in several political initiatives combat distinct types of illegal child labor which inform entire communities of the risks and unjust treatment of children in the work area. The elimination of child labor needs to be treated as a primary issue that governmental institutions need to fight to protect children at all costs; and prevent the progression of criminal organizations and their illicit acts, and be prosecuted accordingly to the law stipulations. The illogical matter of child trafficking is that it does not only exist in third world countries but also in a progressive nation…
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