Combating Homelessness With Affordable Housing

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Gabrielle Bartolome Ms. Fern White AP Literature and Composition 30 January 2015 Combating Homelessness with Affordable Housing in Hawaii Out of all the states in the America, Hawaii holds the third highest rate of homelessness. Homelessness is a pressing issue that has taken a harmful toll on all of those residing in Hawaii and the tourism industry, a main source of revenue for the island. In the state, the source of income of people exceeds the amount needed to purchase or withhold a stable and permanent residency. This, along with the combination of policies, bills, and relocations exacerbate the problem of homelessness. Therefore, when viewed from a societal level, evidence indicates that undertaking the expansion of affordable housing to combat homelessness in Hawaii is more effective than managing the problem and perpetuating it. The residents of Hawaii, particularly Hawaii’s low income residents, are challenged with the highest costs of living in the nation in addition to the highest cost of housing. The Fair Market Rent in Hawaii surpasses the nation’s average by 50%, with as many as 75% of households living in poverty paying more than half their income on rent alone. Moreover, a person working for minimum wage would have to work approximately 177 hours a week to afford an apartment with two bedrooms at market rent. As a result of the high costs of living in this state, the inabilities to pay rent as well as evictions are often deemed as events that lead to
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