Combatting the Crime and Violence in the Inner City of Kingston, Jamaica

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The Denham Town community is predominantly a residential neighborhood in West-central Kingston, Jamaica. It unfortunately earned a reputation as one of Kingston’s more violent inner city communities. Despite having to contend with crime and violence over the years, other social issues like: drug/alcohol abuse, gang violence, education gap and unemployment have significantly affected the youths. The scourge of crime and violence reportedly scarred the inner city youths, hence the NCB Foundation sought to avert some of those challenges. It has since helped by contributing to the improvement of the lives of those most vulnerable and at-risk youths. Therefore, the intention of this study is to assess the contributions of the NCB…show more content…
4. An assessment into the social issues facing youth of Denham Town. Literature Review: The American Psychological Association (2014) explains violence as an extreme form of aggression such as assault, rape, or murder. Violence among youth is a critical issue across the Caribbean. It has begun to receive much deserved attention in most Small Island developing states (SIDS). In recent years, Jamaica has suffered socially, economically and with regards to a loss of productivity due to the epidemic of violence. Unfortunately, crime and violence have become an entrenched part of Jamaica life, whereas some Jamaicans have found it difficult to make a living by legal means, hence they turn to illicit/criminal acts. An even more unfortunate scenario is that young people are among some of the main perpetrators as well as victims of crime. As the future leaders of tomorrow, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) alike have initiated extensive actions to address the issues surrounding adolescence/youth violence today. Having recognized shortcomings, they have incorporated programs geared towards youth development as well as education. According to Bailey (2011), it is generally accepted that violence-related behaviors are rooted in patterns of socialization that begin early in life including exposure. From very early, many Jamaican children are exposed to violence. Adolescence is usually the most important stage, that of

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