Combination of Required Skills: The Nurse Leader and Nurse Advocate in the Workplace

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Combination Of Required Skills: The Nurse Leader And Nurse Advocate In The Workplace Introduction This work intends to examine the combination of skills needed in combining the role of nurse leadership and nurse advocate in the workplace. Toward this end, this study will conduct a review of the literature in this area of inquiry and report findings on what has been garnered during the course of the study. I. Shared Governance and Work Place Advocacy The work of Green and Jordan (2004) reports that the future of health care is dependent upon the identification of "strategies that provide support for nurses as they take on the challenges of the new century." (p.1) Shared governance is reported as a strategy that has been effective in enabling autonomy and supporting the nurse in possessing more control over their nursing practice. More recently, a strategy has been devised that is effective at local, state and national level and that strategy involves advocacy in the workplace. Workplace advocacy is a principle constructed upon the "common denominators found in shared governance…" (Green and Jordan, 2004, p.1) The challenges faced by the professional nurse are inclusive of "long history of struggling to deliver patient care against multiple barriers, including dwindling resources." (Green and Jordan, 2004, p.1) It is reported that this struggle "his struggle affects not only individual nurses, but also patients, organizations, and the nursing profession. Nurses' strong
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