Combined Rigour Of Rational Decisions And Computational

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Ar. Prof. Dhanashree Sardeshpande, Ar. Radha Mallawat

Design Process, traditionally is a very intuitive and subjective process. The design outcome is highly dependent on the architect’s concept, which may or may not be expressed graphically. Shape grammar is a design tool that has been used from earlier times as an ordering principle of design. The development of digital tools has instrumentalised a highly objective process of designing through computational means. Cellular Automata, a subset of Shape Grammar algorithms is used to generate complex modular systems based on the rational of Conway’s Game of Life Algorithm is a widely
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Subjective and Objective Decision making

Shape Grammar and Generative Algorithms
1. Shape Grammar
The term shape grammar may be described and considered on two levels – computational and visual-spatial. The computational theory is made up of 2 parts, the rulesets and the generation that processes the rules to generate indefinite number of design solutions. The rule implies the methodology in which a geometry or part of the geometry can transform and the generation is the application of these rules. A set of finite rule sets defines the start condition, the transformation rule and the termination condition. It can be used as an analysis tool, for decomposition of complex shapes and as a synthesis tool, generating complicated forms starting from a simple shape. The other description of shape grammar can be formalised to represent visual, or even spatial, thinking. The phrase ‘shape grammars ' more literally refers to visual design grammars, i.e. the philosophy of studying, understanding and representing the compositions in the world.
The most crucial aspect is the spatial aspect of shape grammars that enabled its implementation in architectural theory and design framework. Application of shape grammar in architectural theory and design had a history four decades long before computational tools were developed.

2. Generative Algorithm
It was introduced in theoretical linguistics by Noam Chomsky in the late 1950s, and it was very important in creating and

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