Combining Assets and Activities Essay

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Combining Assets and Activities Lesley-Ann Herard HCA 340 Jennifer Vedder July 10, 2015 Combining Assets and Activities A new medical organization will open in Tampa, Florida with its diverse population they will have no problem with flourishing. There are three physicians who decided to come together and put all their expertise into one practice. For this organization to work there are the vertical and horizontal dimensions. The vertical dimension is the upward and downward channels of communication, decision-making and direction of activities (chain of command). (Baack & Fisher 2013 Chap 7 Sec1) Having the correct employees will help them run the organization. Starting with the…show more content…
Differenations in an organization is important there are different elements that are made of each role. Each physician has a different skill set, one is an obstetrician, they other a gynecologist and the last one urology specialist, along with the rest of the nursing team and the office staff. When each person knows what his or her positions is it helps to show the difference in the organization. Integration is also essential in the organization they need to be able to work together in order for the organization to come together. Then you the Managing complexity this shows the levels of complexity that happens when dealing with the staff and outside sources, such as equipment or supplies that are needed for your organization. The physicians must be willing to manage those issues or delegate them to the liaison or office manager. Then you have Interdependence this is important to a company they depend on others to operate the organization. They cannot depend on their own personal goals. In the case study the three physicians will have a liaison that will be the go between for the physicians and the hospitals. This is considered the creations and oversight of boundary spanning. The organization chart that will work for this will be the departmentalization of function. “Functional departmentalization groups together jobs involving the same or similar activities as it allows the organization to staff all important positions with functional experts and
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