Combining Military Leadership With Civilian Management Work Ethics

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Why do military trained personnel feel they have better work ethic than their civilian counterparts and vice versa? Peter D. Feaver (2001) fellow researcher of the international security program noted a statement by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen declared that a "chasm" is opening between the military and civilian worlds. Even though civilians have good work ethics, military personnel have the equally valuable yet different work ethics because of the training they received. A study, conducted by researchers at Princeton University, “found that while senior officials [of] the military services received higher evaluations from employees than their [civilian]non-service counterparts in the areas of leadership and work climate, they …show more content…
Training in ethics is different for both military and civilians. Military workforce receive their ethic training from the moment they enter the service and it continues throughout their career in the form of a twice a year training day in addition to mentorship programs. In most civilians organization they receive their initiation first contact with work ethics as policy letters they must read after being hired and memos each quarter restating the standards. During the first few days of basic training it’s required that military service members receive ethics training. These standards set the foundation for future roles in leadership they will receive and prepare them for the type of leaders they will become. This training is normally a two to three-day class on expectations, policies, and responsibilities to report violation, disciplinary action, and grievance procedures. Follow-up annual training is conducted twice a year and periodically surveys and questionnaires are conducted to gauge the effectiveness or lack of compliance to the standards by members (leaders and subordinates alike). Dr. Ficarrotta (2009) summarized in a commentary that article that Officers in the US Air Force are required take college level studies in the core philosophy, which cover academic studies of moral experience and the works of the classic moral philosophers (p.16). These standards are what are required to become an officer and leader with true
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