Combining Two Separate Management Approaches

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Combining two separate management approaches

As well as having the best team for complex projects, you’ll also need to find the right management approach to oversee the team’s work. In complex projects, you’ll be dealing with a diverse group of people, who have to deal with the different complexities the project might throw at them.

In order to get the best out of the team and receive the best results with the complex projects, you should use a combination of two different management approaches: the conventional and the adaptive approach. We’ve briefly touched on the different ways these styles can show in team management above, but let’s take a closer look now.

The conventional approach

Project management’s traditional approach tends to focus on achieving tasks in a linear fashion. The idea is to have a set of well-defined goals and achieve these in the right order to reach the results. It’s all logical and linear.

Conventional management style puts emphasis on a set of procedures the team must follow. It focuses on finding the right tools for solving the problems at hands. Since it’s focused on a linear approach in to solving problems, it emphasises meetings, especially face-to-face, in order to have the right reaction to a process.

Under the conventional management model, a team would operate under the following procedural approach:

• The team would meet up to plan the project
• The team would plan the objectives and the timeline for achieving them
• Decisions…
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