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Fireworks started as people throwing bamboo into a fire to make a loud noise. To this day, fireworks have changed so dramatically! In the beginning when gunpowder was discovered the Chinese would stuff bamboo with gunpowder and then light the bamboo to make a firework. Over time, scientist have mixed different materials together to try and make a louder and brighter explosion. Instead of fireworks having a single casing there is multiple casings. This helps fireworks to not explode all at once. Noises are also a big deal, in the beginning, it was crackling noises, over time scientist have discovered that the more gunpowder you use the louder it gets. For a very long time the color of firework was yellow. During the 19th century, scientist have been mixing chemicals to make more colors. Firepower was a big deal and was…show more content…
There are 7 key factors to the successful combustion of fireworks. The first is fuel that burns the star. The most common type of fuel is charcoal, however, black powder or gunpowder will also work. Next, oxidisers are vital because they provide oxygen that will stabilize the combustion of fuel. Reducing agents, another part of the composition of a firework, burn the oxygen provided by the oxidiser in order to create hot gasses. Then, regulators are metals that control the speed of the reaction. Next, one of the most important parts of the composition is the colouring agents. These are what cause fireworks to have color. Certain elements will make certain colors such as, Strontium causes red, Copper makes blue, Barium creates green, Sodium forms yellow, Calcium produces orange, and Iron provides gold. Combining Strontium and Copper will give off the color purple. A binder is the next item of the composition. Binders secure the composition with a pasty substance like dextrin, paron, gum, or resin. The final ingredient is chlorine donor. It reacts to the metals, and will intensify the

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