Comcast And The Media Industry

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Comcast is a large cable and satellite television provider in the United States. The company has been plagued with internal weaknesses and external threats in recent years and is in desperate need of turning around its customer service department as quickly as possible. Aside from customer service, the way the television industry is marketed to is changing, Comcast has to stay on the cutting edge in price, product quality, flexibility of plans, and customer service. Comcast has many different areas of their business that need to be analyzed to see where they can invest time and monetary resources to improve the quality of their product and service to their customers. Looking at Comcast’s macro environment the company is a leader in…show more content…
Comcast has to balance all of these factors in their macroenvironment while making their internal business decisions and deciding how to price their advertisement slots and subscription charges. In the competitive environment, Comcast does not get threatened with new entries into the market very often as the cable and satellite industry is very costly to enter. Comcast also does not have much supplier power so that does not factor very heavily into their strategy, especially now with the increase in streaming and satellite services for television. However, the other three forces in the Porter’s five forces model are all very active in Comcast’s business model (10K Comcast, 2017). The consumers subscribing to Comcast and the businesses advertising with Comcast do possess a certain degree of buyer power, this forces Comcast to keep their prices competitive and relevant to current demands in the market (10K Comcast, 2017). The threat of substitution in this industry is growing, this can be attributed to poor customer service, higher fees and the growth of online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu that are taking customers away from traditional cable and satellite companies (Levy,2016). Threats from outside of the company have forced Comcast to start evaluating what they need to do to adapt, change and grow their company in the future. Comcast now has increased
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