Comcast Business Analysis Essay

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Comcast Business Analysis Patricia Baskerville MGMT/521 January 30, 2012 Professor Samuel Cunningham Comcast Business Analysis Comcast is one of the largest video, broadband Internet, telephone, and cable service providers in the United States. The company is a member of the fortune 500 company as the largest and profitable companies. Comcast ranking number is 66 in the fortune 500 company and is in third place as the largest telecommunication company. In 2011, Comcast has grossed 37 million with a 9.6 profit increase compared to 2010. Before the company can decide to invest, it needs to develop a business analysis. The business analysis includes…show more content…
Shareholders need Comcast to define accurately the goals and to formulate the company’s mission, vision, strategies, and actions. This action will provide information of what the company will do to protect and enhance its investments and profits. Another need the shareholders want is for management to measure and assess Comcast actions against its outcomes. Shareholders want management to provide clarity in the company’s expectations, and accountability for its actions. In addition, shareholders need the performance levels at a satisfactory level, ability to obtain more shares, and to surrender ownership. Furthermore, shareholders need management to prepare strategies more approachable and subtle to the needs and desires of its region. Another stakeholder of Comcast is its employees. Employees want and need an objective so he or she can fulfill its obligations. Employees want to know its responsibility daily to ensure the completion of the job satisfactorily. Employees want goals to have clarity and outlined on a regular basis. Another need employee’s want is for the goals of the company remain measurable and obtainable. Another need employee’s want is the ability to make decisions. This action enables the employees to feel like an important member of the team. Employees need independence and flexibility when working because it demonstrates trust in their
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