Comcast Corporation : A Diversified Mass Media Company

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The company selected is Comcast Corporation. This is a diversified mass media company headquartered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the world 's largest broadcasting and Cable Company in terms of revenue. The generic strategy being followed by Comcast Corporation is differentiation. It provides high quality service which is unique. It also develops, produces, markets, and distributes content through unmatched breadth of media platforms.
The Comcast Corporation earns sales revenues from five segments, namely cable services, media networks, parks & resorts, studio entertainment, and technology. Comcast Corporation has differentiated its products and services in a way that has enabled to compete successfully. The target customer segment of Comcast Corporation is not price-sensitive. The added price of the services provided by Comcast outweighs the added expense to acquire the service.
The complementary strategy for growth that has been adapted by Comcast is to "maximize market share". For this Comcast is pursuing sales growth. It is trying to penetrate new markets. It is also trying to optimize its capacity.
The Comcast is actively trying to enter new markets. In February 2013 it bought NBC Universal, a global media network company that generating billions revenue each year. Further, In 2013 Comcast announced their new web platform, the Xfinity to go app. This allows customers to stream content anywhere. The timing of this is important because at this time Comcast is…
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